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One Century Later

Knowing that the 100th anniversary of Titanic’s voyage was quickly approaching, I spent much of my time this week pulling volumes off my bookshelves, immersing myself in any and all stories relating the Edwardian Era. I had done this with the intention of sharing a few of them here and it was no easy feat […]

From Kate’s Bookshelf: The World of Downton Abbey

Can we please talk about how obsessed I am with Downton Abbey for a moment? I named my fish Mr. Bates. Sigh.  So far gone, it’s not even funny. Watching episode of Downton Abbey is a rowdy affair in my house; I yell at the screen (“For pete’s sake, just kiss her already!”) and throw […]

From Kate’s Bookshelf: First Edition

Super special post here today! Really, there is no way for me to properly articulate this news, so I’m just going to skip all the flowery descriptions and just get to the good stuff- I am the proud owner of a 1869 FIRST EDITION of Lousia May Alcott’s “Little Women, Part Second”!!!!  “Little Women” is my all […]

Mittens and Macarons

Let it be known that I love giving gifts. I think my favorite part of celebrations (be it birthdays or Christmas, etc.) is watching the people I love open their little parcels. Of course, the best kind of gift is a surprise gift, and I love giving those the most! However, this week the tables […]