Oscar Gowns and Polish Picks

Oh how I love Oscar night! The red carpet! The acceptance speeches! Jean Dujardin! (*le swoon*)  In an attempt to make that “Oscar feeling” last, I spent a good part of my day replaying highlights of the show and drooling over the beautiful gowns (and Jean Dujardin. Obviously.) It’s all just so much fun!  The razzle dazzle of it all! That’s right, I said razzle dazzle.

Now, I don’t happen to have a red carpet gown hanging in my closet, but there are hints of my favorite looks peeking out from the  nail polish drawer! Turns out that razzle dazzle is already in my hands! (Get it? In my hands? Har har)

The Inspiration: Jessica Chastain/ Meryl Streep

(Love love love Chastain in Alexander McQueen. Did I mention LOVE?! I actually do wear black and gold together quite often, so maybe I’m onto something!)


Polish Pick: Revlon’s Copper Penny

The Inspiration: Sandra Bullock

Polish Pick: OPI’s Midnight in Moscow

The Inspiration: Penelope Cruz

Polish Pick: OPI’s Save Me

The Inspiration: Kristin Wigg

Polish Pick: Butter London’s Fash Pack

For a special treat, I sweep on a layer of Butter London’s Handbag Holiday cuticle oil before adding color. Protects my skin during the winter and smells great too. Jean Dujardin would approve. Wink!

♥ Kate


  1. Love that you took an original approach and paired nail polish with the inspirational dresses! Great idea.

    1. Thanks Emily!

  2. The Kirstin Wiig color is my favorite! And yes, I also loved the McQueen dress. Where can I buy the cuticle oil stuff?!?! I also really loved Christopher Plummer’s jacket! So glad he won!

    1. I bought mine from Ulta, but you can order directly from Butter London’s website-


      YES Christopher Plummer! And how great was his speech?! Beginners was such a beautiful film, but let’s be honest, we’ve loved him since he was the Captain.

      1. Oh Captain, my Captain!!

  3. Barb Massa · · Reply

    Very clever concept with your color picks. My very favorite gown of the evening was Penelope Cruz. I think she looked stunning, old Hollywood, in her gown and hairstyle. I had not heard of Butter London. I will give their website a peek.

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