From Kate’s Bookshelf: The World of Downton Abbey

Can we please talk about how obsessed I am with Downton Abbey for a moment? I named my fish Mr. Bates. Sigh.  So far gone, it’s not even funny. Watching episode of Downton Abbey is a rowdy affair in my house; I yell at the screen (“For pete’s sake, just kiss her already!”) and throw my hands in the air (“BOOM! Lady Violet layin’ down the law!”) Hey, some people get their jollies from watching football, I get mine through watching costume dramas. It takes all sorts.

When David came home from his Christmas break in England, he brought the complete second season with him…and we watched the entire thing within 2 days. Good grief, it was amazing haha. So, needless to say, I’ve known what happens for nearly a month. A month! And not one spoiler uttered. I daresay, well done, Kate. Well done.

If you’re a fan like me, then you’ll love The World of Downton Abbey by Jessica Fellowes. Equally informative as it is beautiful, the book is the perfect companion to the first two seasons. I appreciated that it gave a well rounded understanding of the Edwardian era. Totally cool. Plus, it’s brimming with behind the scenes photography, designer notes and cast interviews. *insert giddy squeals here* I would advise watching the show before reading if you haven’t already- plot points are woven into the social history covered in the book. Check out some of my favorite pages:

Hope you Downton lovers enjoy the finale on Sunday! I know I will! Huzzah!

♥ Kate


  1. I have GOT to see this TV series and the book after reading your post. They both look like my kind of thing.

    1. Yes!! Do it!!! Hooray!! 😀

  2. I wonder how difficult it would be to pull together the scandalous ladypants outfit…

    1. haha something tells me that the scandalous ladypants outfit already lives in your closet!

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