Sugar Plums and Butterscotch Treats

It’s 2am and I should be nestled all snug in my bed with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head…but I’m too excited! It’s almost Christmas!

While I wait for Santa, I thought I’d share some yummy desserts that I made for Christmas Eve- Sugar Plums and Butterscotch Treats! 

In the hopes of further fulfilling all of my Nutcracker dreams this Christmas (haha, see Nutcrackers Sweet), I was set on making Sugar Plums. The little bites of toasted almonds, dried fruit and spices are so comforting on cold winter evenings with a cup of tea.   The recipe I found on seems like it sprang from the pages of a Dickens novel. High praise! And I couldn’t believe how easy they were to make!

Find the recipe for Sugar Plums,  here. I will definitely be making these again. They were a big hit!

Here are some photos from my little baking party!

Dates and dried apricots …

…toasted almonds…

… and freshly grated orange zest. The kitchen smelled amazing.

Onward to the Butterscotch Treats! When I was growing up, it wasn’t Christmas until my grandparents arrived with these crunchy, creamy confections. I’ve seen variations before, but they all pale in comparison. NOTE:  These treats are addictive.  Family and friends will hover for nibbles while you make them. And they will go very quickly. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Butterscotch Treats

What you’ll need: 2 cups Nestle Tollhouse Butterscotch morsels, 1 cup creamy peanut butter, 1 cup raisins, 4 cups Wheaties cereal

1. Line baking sheets with aluminum foil and set aside. Combine morsels and peanut butter into microwave-safe bowl and heat in microwave for 1 min. Stir and continue to heat in 30 second lapses until smooth. Make sure to stir well and be careful, the bowl will be very hot!

2. Fold Wheaties cereal and raisins into bowl until coated with the butterscotch/peanut butter mixture.

3. Scoop dollops of melty goodness onto baking sheets about 1 inch apart. They can be any size, doesn’t really matter. Actually, I tend to purposely have a variety of sizes. Some are bite size, some are 4-bite size haha!

4. Place baking sheets in freezer for 5-10 min or until the treats have become matte (no longer shiny) and firm.

Traditionally, I usually set my baking sheets outside to cool.  It is a winter time treat, after all! I tried that method this year, but it was too warm! I had to resort to using the freezer. Note: These are great to make during a snow day!!! I have a very clear memory of making trays and trays of these during a snow storm for my parents friends. I was the only one willing to go out on the deck and fetch the baking sheets! Ah, youth haha.

In terms of storage, the Sugar Plums need to be kept refrigerated in single players between sheets of wax paper, in an airtight container. Stored this way, they’ll keep for up to 1 month! Woo hoo! The Butterscotch Treats also need to be kept refrigerated, and I just cover a dish with foil to store them. Honestly, I have no idea how long they keep, I’ve never seen them last more than a couple of days! Too yummy! Must eat! Haha!

Hope you’re all enjoying a sweet holiday!

PS- Make sure to check back in later today for an extra special sweet treat!

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  1. YUM! And now I know what to make with butterscotch chips next time. I had an urge to buy a bag last month and couldn’t find a new recipe to try so ended up with basic butterscotch and chocolate chip cookies. Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!

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