Nutcrackers Sweet

One of my favorite holiday traditions is getting together for my family’s Christmas party.  We always set up a themed surprise for my cousins on our staircase, and hand out the special gifts at the end of the night.  In the past we’ve done Santas, snowmen and reindeer, but this Christmas (after years of my campaigning) we finally chose nutcrackers!

I’ve always had a love for nutcrackers and a not-so-secret desire to hand them out at our holiday party. It was just like the party in the Nutracker ballet! All of the kids were sneaking peeks at the staircase, trying to figure out which nutcracker had their name on it.

We were able to gather a really beautiful collection, each had its own little personality. Some had music boxes inside and would play the drums, others were more traditional with brightly colored costumes and glittered armor. My favorite were saddled on rocking horses with feathered manes.

We also added some beautiful snow globes into the mix- they looked so pretty in the light.

My parents have a collection of  40 or so mini nutcrackers that I look forward to setting up each year. We line them up on the windowsill where they get lots of light and are in the middle of the house.  They’re a happy little crew and always make everyone smile.

We also lined the window box with dishes of sweets for each family to take home! So fun! Nutcracker “sweet” indeed!


  1. I always loved the Nutcracker window!!!

  2. […] the hopes of further fulfilling all of my Nutcracker dreams this Christmas (haha, see Nutcrackers Sweet), I was set on making Sugar Plums. The little bites of toasted almonds, dried fruit and spices are […]

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