Crochet Snowflake Hoops

It may less than frosty outside, but it is indeed the first day of winter! I didn’t feel like waiting to see snowflakes so I made my own crochet snowflake hoops! (It was a really great way to use up extra materials hanging around the house too. Always a plus.)

What you’ll need: embroidery hoops (varied sizes), crochet doilies (I found mine in a craft shop, 99 cents- $8.99), scrap fabric, scissors, tacky or fabric glue

Step 1: Cut fabric to fit size of embroidery hoop, adding roughly 2 inches all around.  Step 2: Layer doily over fabric and sandwich between the hoop. Step 3: Gently tug at the doily until roughly symmetrical in the hoop (or not! Maybe you like your snowflakes a little wonky! That’s cool too!) Step 4: Flip hoop over, line inside lip with tacky glue, and fold extra fabric down. (This doesn’t have to be neat, no one is going to see this but you!)

And you’re done!

Now, of course, that’s the fast and dirty way to do it. If you’re using vintage lace or crochet pieces (or any piece with sentimental value) I’d suggest pinning instead of using glue.

I love how bold the pattern is with the red and white contrast. Using lighter fabric would be so beautiful and delicate too. These were made with my bedroom wall in mind, but I’m planning on making some without fabric and hanging them in the windows – they’ll look like giant snowflakes! So pretty!

Hope you have fun creating your own snowflake hoops! Happy winter!


  1. OMG! I love this!!!

    1. Yay! I had you in mind actually! Your house has so many beautiful windows! These would look great!

  2. So cuteeeeeee. xo

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