It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

In my opinion, the official kickoff of the holiday season is when Santa makes his appearance at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. But it never truly feels like Christmas until my family and I go hunting for our Christmas tree! And you’re about to see why…

Christmas explosion!!!!

This is Kale’s Nursery and every December it transforms into a magical Christmas wonderland!  The shop is filled with dozens of themed Christmas trees and guests are actually encouraged to touch everything. How much fun is that?!

I usually just have fun browsing but I as soon as I saw this mitten garland, I knew it had to come home with me. Turns out it was the perfect touch for our kitchen! Hooray!

My sister Liz and I made a new friend…

…and got caught up with an old one too!


Okay, truth be told, I was a little too shy to go say hello to Santa this year. He was so busy with the other kids that I felt silly interrupting! I was forced to take a sneaky photo instead.

Yes, it’s true. I paparazzi-ed Santa Claus.

My family and I have a little game that we play this time of year: the tree counting game! I think we first started doing it when I was in grade school and since then it’s become quite the competition! Basically, if you see a tree on top of a car, you call out “TREE!”  Each tree is counts as one point.  We start counting the day after Thanksgiving and go on until Christmas morning (hey you never know, a lot of people get their trees on Christmas Eve!). The winner is the person with the most trees spotted and gets to put a special ornament on the tree Christmas morning. I think I’m up to 29 trees so far, bwahaha! It’s never too late to start counting, try it out! 🙂

Once we got our tree home and all dolled up, it was quite the beauty!

Wishing you a little Christmas tree magic!

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